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Complete Manuscript

(left) Gervase de Peyer and André Tchaikowsky
c. 1967

2013 Bregenz Symposium

2013 Leeds Symposium

Arioso e Fuga per Clarinetto Solo (1964-1965)
This webpage provides information about the André Tchaikowsky composition, Arioso e Fuga per Clarinetto Solo (1964-1965).

World Premiere Performance
The world premiere performance took place, as part of the 2013 Bregenz Festival (Austria), on July 22, 2013 during one of the André Tchaikowsky Symposium events, events coincident with the world premiere of André's opera, The Merchant of Venice. The clarinetist was Heinz-Peter Linshalm of the Stump-Linshalm Clarinet Duo (website).

Heinz-Peter Linshalm - July 2013

Arioso e Fuga / arioso_e_fuga.mp3

Leeds Symposium and Concert
André's biographer, Dr. Anastasia Belina-Johnson, who is also a Head of Classical Music department at Leeds College of Music and a member of LUCOS (Leeds University Centre for Opera Studies), organized a concert on André Tchaikowsky's birthday (November 1st, 2013) dedicated to his compositions (he would have been 78 years old). Featured was Arioso e Fuga per Clarinetto Solo played by Janet Hilton.

Janet Hilton - November 2013

Played both Arioso e Fuga per Clarinetteo Solo and Clarinet Sonata Opus 1 (with pianist Nico de Villiers) in concert on November 1, 2013. Learn More about the concert.

Learn More (pdf file) or Learn More (Blog) with this interview between pianist Nico de Villiers and Janet Hilton.

Click Here (pdf) to read Nico de Villers' comments on André Tchaikowsky.

Music Publisher
Arioso e Fuga per Clarinetto Solo is published by Josef Weinberger and appears in their catalog of André Tchaikowsky published works. Click Here for a PDF copy of the André Tchaikowsky Weinberger catalog.

From the biography The Other Tchaikowsky
A neighbor of André Tchaikowsky, when he was living at the home of Judy and Michael Arnold at 60 Wood Vale, was clarinetist Gervase de Peyer, then first chair in the London Symphony Orchestra. Gervase showed an interest in André's compositions and André promised to write Gervase a solo work for clarinet. The result was the Arioso e Fuga per Clarinetto Solo. The original manuscript is in the Josef Weinberger archives.