Proms Program - 10 Sep 1963
(courtesy Rob Wilton)

Concert Review, Feb. 1962
(courtesy G. P. Straschek)

Roman Markowicz, Contributor (Polski Radio Recordings)

"The performer was a pianist, a dark foreigner with a beard. He played Bartok, which I believe is probably not the sort of thing for neophyte concert-goers. He played as if his very being depended on the music. The music was alive and I could feel it. I have never before or since felt that way about any music. I knew it was special."

Ruth Marler (André memory)

Krzysztof Chorzelski -
Contributor (André music)

"I remember André played the [Stravinsky] Petrushka Suite, and afterwards he asked me, 'Did you notice that I added two more movements?' He had transcribed the additional movements by his own hand and added them to the suite. I remember that he played beautifully and with rare color and imagination."

Peter Gimpel
[son of pianist Jakob Gimpel]
(Andre Recollection)

David Pountney - Contributor
(blog, recollections, more)

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Gusztav Fenyo, Pianist - Music from André Danté recordings
Dr. Simon Wassermann, Professor - Images from André Danté recordings
Michael Menaugh, Actor and Pianist - Valuable Additional Recollections
Judy Arnold, English music manager - Valuable Additional Recollections
Piotr Goldstein, Professor - My person in Warsaw, valuable assistance
Anita Halina Janowska, writer - André Tchaikowsky recordings and photos
Scott Leather, "The Pianist" - Valuable A-to-Z Pianists reference book
Roman Markowicz, Pianist and Journalist - André Polskie Radio Recordings
G. P. Straschek, Filmmaker and Film Historian - 1962 André Concert Review
Piotr Maculewicz, University of Warsaw - Arranged home for André Archive
Monika Strugala, Narodowy Instytut Fryderyka Chopina - Valuable Contact
Magdalena Belotti-Hill, Translation Services, Polish-to-English
David Kloepper, Patron of the Arts, Sante Fe, NM - Polski Radio Alerts
Norma Fisher, Pianist, London Masterclasses - My person in London
Lewis Mitchell, Weinberger Music Publishers - Concert alerts, Poland
Sean Gray, Weinberger Music Publishers - My person at Weinbergers
Joanna Bokszczanin, The Fryderyk Chopin Institute - Concert alerts, Poland
Jonathan Summers, Musicologist/Author - Details regarding André bio
Tony Rees, BBC Broadcast Alerts, programs that include André
Andrzej Kosowski, Festiwal Muzyki Polskiej - Recording of "The Sonnets"
Colin Stone, Pianist - Error checking on André website and website links
Howard Kaplan, songwriter, musician - Error checking on André website
Daniel Browell, Pianist - Provided valuable recording of The Inventions
David Owen Norris, Pianist - Granted permission for André BBC program
Janet Hilton, Clarinetist - Permission for photographs
Joseph Moore, Provided valuable CD recording of The Inventions
Krystyna Cygielska, Kalisz Philharmonic Orchestra - Kalisz Concert Review
Marcin Nalecz-Niesiolowski, Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska - Concert CDs
Peter Gimpel, Publisher, Red Heifer Press - André Recollections
Piotr Paszkowski, André's Cousin - Valuable Additional Recollections
Rose Hankey, Sounds Underground - MP3 Files of "The Inventions"
Dorota Szwarcman, Journalist, Polityka - Music Blog featuring André
Maciej Grzybowski, Pianist - Endless cooperation and website advisor
Hanna Milewska, Journalist, Hi-Fi i Muzyka - André magazine article
Adam Klocek, Composer, Cellist, Conductor - Comments, André's Opus 4
Rob Wilton, Memorabilia Collector - PROMS Music Program
Maria Zeugswetter, RB Artists - Update, André 1976 concert schedule
Mieczyslaw Kominek, Polish Music Information Centre - André Archive help
Julian Hogg, Curator, Writer, Editor - André website correction
Joseph Li, Pianist - André mp3 corrections on the website
Gerard McBurney, Creative Director, CSO - André recollections
Ruth Marler, Artist in Fabrics - André recollections
Tatiana Webster, Patron of the arts - André recollections
Monique Duphil, pianist, educator - André recollections
Tom Robinson, UK broadcaster and songwriter - André Recollections
Stefan Rütter, German Music Reviewer/Writer - André website suggestion
Stephen Bennett, clarinetist, - André Recollections
David Lord, pianist, composer, producer - Andre recollections and photos
Tom Deacon, Record Producer - Comments on Andre's recordings
Elizabeth Wilson, writer and musician - Andre recollections
Debbie Waite, TV journalist - Wrote about Andre's skull story
David Bollard, pianist and teacher - Further Andre recollections
Cecilia Leung, assist. editor International Piano - Published article on Andre
Chloe Cutts, editor International Piano - Published article on Andre
Emma Campbell, BBC Oxford - Arranged radio interview about Andre's skull
Haydn Dickenson, pianist - Plays music ded. to Andre by P. Feuchtwanger
Jaime Nabeta, Novello Theatre - Details on Andre "Hamlet" poster
Stephanie West, TV journalist for ITN - Created TV spot about Andre's skull
Frédéric Gaussin, French Musicologist - Details on Andre's Paris years 1948+
Georges Cardol, Amitiés de Belgique - Prokofiev 3 recording from 1956
Jürgen Blume-Werry, German Architect - House plans designed for André
Lewis Mitchell, Josef Weinberger Publisher - Updates on AT compositions
Christine Jezior, Polish/German Filmmaker - Creating an AT documentary
Nick Morse, London Arts and Crafts Designer - Finchden recollections
Pascale Aebischer, Author and Educator - Analysis of using skull in Hamlet
Edouard Reichenbach, musicalogist - French translations and research
Gabriela Glapska, Polish pianist - Inventions recording and Thesis on AT
Jose Ángel Chica, Educator/Clarinetist - Comments on clarinet compositions
Krzysztof Zbijowski, clarinetist - Valuable comments on AT Clarinet Sonata
Malgorzata Czech, Journalist - Excellent magazine article about AT
Mathias Lehn, Musicologist - Expert on Shakespeare plays made into operas
Ruud Rozemeijer, Webmaster for John Barry - YouTube links about AT skull
Björn Östlund, Teacher - Lead on an AT video from 1960s in Sweden
Christian Demoustiez, Orchestre National de Belgique - 1958 AT review
Hélène Leto, Orchestre National de Belgique - 1958 AT review
Jan Henrik Amberg, Music Collector - Correction early piano concerto date
Ciarán Ó Duibhín, Raidió Fáilte - Valuable André radio recording from 1960s
Larry Huffman, webmaster, info on F. Reiner LPs
Jürgen Blume-Werry, architect - Unusual André concert program from 1977
Martin Anderson, Toccata Classics - André-related CDs and books
Michael Waiblinger, music lover - André recollections
Mark Charles, flim maker - New André discoveries
Aleksander Laskowski, Mickiewicz Institute - André events/programs info
Ludwik Dobrzynski, photography curator - Valuable André photographs
Sean Gray, Weinberger Publisher - Provided André archival materials
Alena Aniskiewicz, UM Graduate Student - Polish-English translations
Dr. Anastasia Belina-Johnson, Leeds University - Author of new biography
Elisabeth Giselbrecht, Bregenz Festival - André events/programs information
Daniel Knapp, Bregenz Festival - André events/programs information
Piotr Maculewicz, University of Warsaw - Andrzej Czajkowski support
Magdalena Borowiec, University of Warsaw - Andrzej Czajkowski support
Michal Klubinski, Polish Radio,Programs about Andrzej Czajkowski
Gerald Kingsley, Weinberger Publishing (retired) - André recollections
Nico de Villiers, Leeds University - Details/photos for "Sonata" and "Sonnets
Jakob Fichert, Leeds University - Details and photographs for "Inventions"
Diny Tecker, Amsterdam Arts - Valuable correspondence with André
Stephen Greenbank, MusicWeb - Articles and reviews of André CDs/book
Benjamin Ivry, Journalist and Writer - Articles/reviews around new biography
Cezary Owerkowicz, Kuwait Chamber Philharmonia - André Article & photo
Ruben Greenberg, Clarinetist - Observations on André's Clarinet Sonata
Julian Paprocki, Clarinetist - Observations on André's Clarinet Sonata
Johan Bejerholm, World Studios - Superior vinyl-to-mp3 transfers of music
Michal Wesolowski, Malmö Academy of Music - Shared André recording
Agnieszka Reszka, Jewish Historical Institute - Details André early years
Camilla Jessel Panufnik, photographer frps - Provided André photographs
Frederic Cohn, Opera News - Interesting publication about André's opera
John O'Brien, Maru a Pula School (retired) - André opera recollections
Krzysztof Chorzelski, Belcea Quartet - Music from early André viola work
David Pountney, Welsh National Opera - André opera blogs, and on and ON
John Pope, writer - Greatly improved various audio recordings on the website