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On February 5, 2021, the world premier of André Tchaikowsky's Concerto Classico for violin and orchestra was performed in Warsaw by the National Philharmonic Orchestra. See the event on YouTube:

Review by Robert Ferre:


"I think André Tchaikowsky is one of the finest pianists of his generation -- he is even better than that -- he is a wonderful musician."
Arthur Rubinstein, pianist

"I've known most of the really good and great musicians of my generation. He was the best musician of them all."
Stephen Kovacevich, pianist

"André had magic about him and the extraordinary rare ability to dust this magic onto everybody."
Judy Arnold, former personal representative

"If he had been a different character, he could have had a very, very major career."
Terry Harrison, former manager

"It's a great pity that as a legacy he left very few things behind."
Peter Frankl, pianist

This website is a product of the many friends, family, and admirers of the pianist and composer, André Tchaikowsky (1935 - 1982). (In Poland, Andrzej Czajkowski.) Here you can read about his life using the Biography link, find out more about André as Composer and Pianist, and learn about his Recordings for RCA and Columbia.

An extensive Photographs section covers André from his first known photograph to his last, while the Miscellaneous provides items such as a BCC program dedicated to his memory, A Study in Contrasts, hosted by pianist David Owen Norris, and the complete story of André's gift of his skull to the Royal Shakespeare Company for use in Hamlet.

We are always seeking your André recollections, any André memorabilia that you wish to share, and your own thoughts about André as composer and pianist. Use the Contribute link.

John Amis asks André Tchaikowsky if he is related to the great Russian composer:

Click for mp3 file: areyourelated.mp3

DAVID FERRE created this extensive site about André Tchaikowsky to incorporate more than 30 years of research, information, concerts, recordings, and more. On September 6, 2020, David passed away from complications from drugs given after heart surgery. In his honor, this website will remain active, maintained by his brother, Robert ( and widow, Kathy Childs. A memorial concert is being planned. See the links below.

David's memorial concert will be October 15, 2022, as part of the Karlskrona (Sweden) International Piano Festival. More:

We are raising funds for the concert through GoFundMe. For information about the campaign, pictures of the venue, and photos of Karlskrona, see:

To go directly to the GoFundMe page to make a donation:

To see remembrances of David, see:

André Tchaikowsky in 1959 (age 24) (Photo: Sabine Weiss)





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