Kyung-Wha Chung

Genoa Concert Season Program

Five Miniatures for Violin and Piano (1981)
This webpage provides information about the André Tchaikowsky composition, Five Miniatures for Violin and Piano (1981). This includes text from the book, The Other Tchaikowsky - A Biographical Sketch of André Tchaikowsky. There are no known performances or music from this composition.

From the biography The Other Tchaikowsky
André had agreed to form a piano/violin duo with Kyung-Wha Chung for an Italian tour in April-May-June, 1983, and was preparing a suite of Five Miniatures for Violin and Piano for performance in Trieste, Perugia, Florence, Genoa, and Torino. What is particularly interesting about this suite is that André proposed to do what he rarely did -- perform his own music. That he planned to do so indicated that things impossible for him in the past were now becoming more possible.

Three of the five miniatures are complete in sketch form and are in the Josef Weinberger archives. Kyung considered playing the reduced suite for her concert tour, but there was insufficient material, and the suite remains unperformed. The composition was to be dedicated to Kyung-Wha Chung. The compositions were never finished, of course, because André died in June of 1982.

The concert season program for Genoa (see left panel), includes the Five Miniatures for a performance on Saturday, May 2, 1983.

(Sidenote: André told a friend that when he had trouble sleeping, he would count members of the Chung family instead of sheep.)