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Six Dances for Piano (1981)
This webpage provides information about the André Tchaikowsky composition, Six Dances for Piano (1981). This includes text from the book, The Other Tchaikowsky - A Biographical Sketch of André Tchaikowsky. Of the six dances, only two were completed before André's death: Tango and Mazurka. There is a single professional recording of the two dances by Colin Stone ( on the Merlin Records (, MRFD 20033. There is an additional recording of the Mazurka by André himself that he taped and sent to his friend Halinka Janowska in Warsaw, with an introduction by André (in Polish).

South Africa - Nico De Villiers (2014)
The Ladybird International Arts Academy was the location of a piano recital given by pianist Nico De Villiers in September 2014, a recital that included the Mazurka and Tango dances. The Academy, located in Ladybrand, a Free State province of South Africa, has a Facebook connection and posted the following:

The Volksblad newspaper reviewed the recital with the headline "De Villiers convincing and flamboyant," following with: "The program concluded with a grand and dramatic interpretation of the Tchaikowsky works, the Mazurka and Tango dances, which were reminiscent of Baroque suites, but in modern idiom. De Villiers's flamboyant interpretation and security of these technically challenging works were no surprise and had the audience on its feet." Click Here for the full article (in Afrikaans). Images related to the piano recital are below (click images for larger versions).

Nicolette van den Heever (sister)
and Nico De Villiers

From the Piano

Nico de Villiers
and Ladybird Auditorium

Nico de Villiers
and Ladybird Auditorium

Bregenz Festival (2013)
The Bregenz (Austria) Festival 2013 featured a piano recital on August 7, 2013 where young Austrian pianist Aaron Pilsan played both the Tango and Mazurka. This was one of the "Musik und Poesie" ("Music and Poetry") concerts that were held throughout the festival.

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Photo: Bregenz Festival/Anja Köhler

The following music of the Tango and Mazurka is courtesy of Colin Stone and Merlin Records:

Tango / 01_six_dances_tango.mp3
Mazurka / 02_six_dances_mazurka.mp3

The Tango is on YouTube. Click Here (opens new window)

The following introduction and music of the Mazurka is by André himself, courtesy of Halinka Janowska:

Mazurka Introduction by André (in Polish) / 01_at_mazurka_intro.mp3

Mazurka / 02_at_mazurka.mp3

From the biography The Other Tchaikowsky
André had undertaken in 1981 to write Six Dances for Piano for pianist Stephen Kovacevitch. An earlier commission for a composition, Pink Theme and Variations based on the movie music “The Pink Panther,” had been declined by André. André had not accepted payment for the six dances composition, but when he fell on hard financial times, Stephen called the Six Dances for Piano a commission and paid André £500. Only the Mazurka and Tango were finished. André arranged the Mazurka for piano duet and presented it to the Crommelynck Duo while he was at the Crommelynck home in Paris recovering from his January 1982 cancer operation. The Mazurka and Tango were recorded by Colin Stone on the Merlin Records label (MRFD 20033). The original scores are held by Stephen Kovacevitch and the Crommelynck Duo. Since their death by double suicide in 1994, the whereabouts of the original Crommelynck Duo score is unknown, but a copy is in the Weinberger archives.