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RCA Victor 370198 (63 CDs)

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BMG BVCC-38397

RCA Victor DPM1-0444 (Stereo)
Reissue RCA Victor 370198 - Complete RCA Reiner Recordings (CD 63 of 63)
Reissue RCA Victor/BMG BVCC-38397
RCA/Sony Classical 88985470142 (CD box set, CD2)

Bach Concerto for Clavier No. 5, F minor (BWV 1056)
Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Fritz Reiner Conductor
André Tchaikowsky, Piano

Bach - Concerto for Clavier No. 5, F minor (BWV 1056)

1. Allegro Moderato  01_bach_concerto_bwv1056_1mvnt.mp3
2. Largo  02_bach_concerto_bwv1056_2mvnt.mp3
3. Presto  03_bach_concerto_bwv1056_3mvnt.mp3

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Recording Date(s):
February 15, 1958

Recording Location:
Chicago, Ill. USA (Orchestra Hall)

Release Date:
June, 1980 (special release for CSO fund raiser)

Reissue Date (RCA Victor/BMG):
November 22, 2006

Known Details:
nally, this Bach concerto No. 5 was to be included with the Mozart piano concerto No. 25 for the 1958 RCA Mozart/Bach Concerto disk, but the Bach concerto was deleted by André (for the whole story, see: 1958 RCA Mozart Concerto). However, this Bach recording was included on a special "Mostly Bach" Marathon V fund raising event for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1980.

Oddly enough, an RCA Victor/BMG CD BVCC-38397 (Japan) was released in on November 22, 2006 that did include both the Mozart piano concerto No. 25 and the Bach piano concerto No. 5 as had been planned for so many years previously. Of all the André Tchaikowsky recordings, this one is readily available for purchase. (See: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=BVCC-38397)

The inside photograph of the RCA Victor/BMG CD BVCC-38397 reissue borrowed the photograph from the cover of the very first RCA recording from 1957 (see: 1957 RCA Ravel/Prokofiev).

This recording of the Bach No. 5 piano concerto was captured in a single take at the recording session.