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Biography - The Book
The research for the book, The Other Tchaikowsky - A Biographical Sketch of André Tchaikowsky, began in 1985 and completed in 1991, when about 200 copies were sent out to all those who helped the research effort. It was believed that somehow the book would find it's own way into publication or movie script or something, but this never happened. A primary purpose of this website is to correct this problem by providing this book to a nearly inexhaustible Internet audience at no charge.

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Frontmatter - [00_frontmatter.pdf]
Chapter 1 - The Legacy (1935 - 1982) [01_chapter_1.pdf]
Chapter 2 - The Beginning (1935-1939) [02_chapter_2.pdf]
Chapter 3 - Survival (1939-1945) [03_chapter_3.pdf]
Chapter 4 - Years of Training (1945-1957) [04_chapter_4.pdf]
Chapter 5 - A Career of Sorts t (1957-1960) [05_chapter_5.pdf]
Chapter 6 - Homeless in London (1960-1966) [06_chapter_6.pdf]
Chapter 7 - The Hampstead Years (1966-1976) [07_chapter_7.pdf]
Chapter 8 - The Cumnor Years (1976-1982) [08_chapter_8.pdf]
Chapter 9 - Quodlibet [09_quodlibet.pdf]
Backmatter - [10_backmatter.pdf]

Complete Book - andre.pdf [14Mb].

I resolved to embark in an undertaking which, for the last three or four years, has given me incessant occupation, and has, indeed, imposed upon me an amount of labor very much greater than I had anticipated. Notwithstanding all the pains I have bestowed on its execution, I am fully aware of its numerous deficiencies and imperfections, and of its falling far short of the degree of excellence that might be attainted. But, in a work of this nature, where perfection is placed at so great a distance, I have thought it best to limit my ambitions to that moderate share of merit which it may claim in its present form; trusting to the indulgence of those for whose benefit it is intended, and to the candor of critics who, while they find it easy to detect faults, can at the same time duly appreciate difficulties.

P. M Roget (from the Preface of Roget’s First Edition 1852).